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Make Your Property an Oasis

Whether from neglect or from livestock and wildlife, soils deteriorate, producing less and less vegetation every year. On a large scale, this is called desertification and it's affecting over half of Earth's surface. On a small scale, it can dramatically reduce the value and useability of your land, and hinder your sustainability.

People do any number of things to maintain or improve the quality of their land. You've seen burning, aerating, rototilling, fertilizing, and probably several other methods. While these methods work okay today, they aren't real solid options for self sufficient people in hard times. Burning carries serious risks even today, but if there's no fire department to call when things get out of hand, that risk may be unacceptable. Aerating and rototilling require equipment that you won't have, and you can only store so much chemical fertilizer. Fortunately there's a cost effective and sustainable solution you can implement yourself.

A friend pointed me to the following video for a solution to this problem. You can watch the first 5-6 minutes to get the idea, but we think the whole thing will be worth your time. If you detect slight sociopolitical undertones, try to dismiss them and hear the main point. There's some really good information here.

As a side note, this could have implications for property buyers, who might buy unproductive land at a very low price and then make it productive. Leave a note and tell us what you think!

  1. Make-Your-Property-an-Oasis
    03/26/2013 at 08:38:00 AM
    Very counter intuitive.

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