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A kind person is still a kind person when there's nobody around to show kindness to. A hard worker is still a hard worker when he's taking a break. The kind person's lack of an audience, and the hard worker's lunch break don't suddenly turn them into something else. In the very same way, preparedness is who you are as a person, not what you happen to be doing at a certain point in time.

With that said, we only know that a person is kind because we see their interactions with others, and we only know a man is a hard worker from seeing him work. Similarly, there are some habits that will indicate preparedness, or a lack thereof. Consider the following questions, not as rules to live by, but as natural outworkings of a prepared mind.

Do you have a few months finances set aside for unforeseen events? Savings aren't as sexy as a conex full of food and ammo, but they are the most basic form of preparation. If you don't think you can set that much aside, then set aside $10 for George S. Clason's The Richest Man in Babylon. Once Clason has set you straight, start building that financial buffer.

Are you up to date on all your dental needs, and are you careful to maintain your teeth? A great smile won't make you a star on Doomsday Preppers, but a few hundred bucks spent now sure beats a file and pliers when times get rough.

Do you keep yourself physically fit? I see far too many “preppers” that would be the last person out of a building if it was on fire. If you're that person because of age or disability, do your best within your body's limitations. If you're that person for any other reason, hit the gym. Physical fitness is what allows you to get things done, and in any emergency or survival situation, there will be a lot to get done.

Do you maintain your vehicle in peak condition? This means filling up when you're near half a tank, and telling the mechanic, “check everything” instead of, “just make that squeaking belt stop” (or better yet, learn to fix it yourself). Is your spare tire a full size tire so you don't get stuck with only the “donut”? Is there a set of jumper cables and a tow strap in your vehicle? A first aid kit? A case of bottled water?

Guys, when you open a door for a lady (you are doing that, right?) are you taking the opportunity to glance at the area behind you without looking unnatural?

Do you carry a gun, or the best legal means of protection in your jurisdiction, as a daily habit? Are you physically and mentally trained to use it legally and effectively? Don't allow yourself the selfish excuse, “I'm not likely to be attacked”. Someone else might be attacked and need you to defend them.

Do you carry a knife everywhere you go? My Chris Reeve Umnumzaan comes out several times per day to open boxes, make kindling, cut bailing twine, and perform any other mundane task I require.

Do you camp often? Camping is a natural and fun way to gain survival skills and learn to enjoy life with less stuff. If you're comfortable with car camping, try backpacking. If you're comfortable with backpacking, try “survival camping” with only the clothes on your back.

Have you made plans with close friends and relatives about where and how to meet or to communicate if internet and phone services fail?

There are countless other signs of preparedness, but answering “yes” to the previous questions is a good start, and if you answered “no” to any of them, that may be an area for you to work on. Keep in mind, that like the kind person and the hard worker, it's okay to take a break. You can be unprepared at certain times and in certain ways, and still be a very well prepared person. While prepping for the bad times, be sure to enjoy the good times.



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