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Chris Reeve Green Beret Knives- How Tough Are They?

I was working for Chris Reeve when he first started making the Green Beret knives, and I remember hearing a very loud "TING" "TING" "TING" "TING"...  I stopped working and went to find out what was making all the noise.  There was Chris, Green Beret knife in hand, vigorously chopping on the corner of a large steel anvil!  After several minutes, he managed to chip a very small piece out of the blade.

Chris then gave the knife to me and another employee to abuse, so we went to town chopping, prying, digging, and chiseling in ways knives weren't meant to do .  After all this and several minutes of throwing the Green Beret knife at a steel shipping container, we gave up and returned the knife to Chris.

Rather than be impressed and satisfied with the knife, Chris spent countless hours with the steel manufacturer, heat treating experts, and the knife's co-designer, Bill Harsey, to make the knife even tougher!

We don't recommend treating your knife like this, and it would likely void the lifetime warranty, but it's nice to know your knife can handle any task that's reasonable, and most tasks that aren't.


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