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Buying Panics, Price Gouging, and Preparedness

Buying Panics, Price Gouging, and Preparedness

*** Before we start, let me point out that the prices at Badger Peak haven't changed one penny during this whole mess. ***

In the wake of the re-election of history's most anti-American president, and the horrible events in Newtown that followed, we have received hundreds of e-mails and calls. Preppers across the nation are desperately trying to fill gaps in their preparations. Guns (all types, not just AR-15s), ammo, and magazines are in record high demand, and selling for record high prices. As prepared Americans, how should we view buying panics and price gouging, and what should we do about it?

First, let's get this “price gouging” thing out of the way. There is no such thing as price gouging. It is an artificial term made up by liberals to describe our free market economy. If you buy a house and demand for homes in your town rises, are you going to sell it for what you paid, or for the current market value? How about your gold or silver coins? When the dollar collapses they will be worth a fortune. What if you buy stock in a company and the stock triples in value? Is it gouging to sell it for so much more than you paid? Of course not! So why is it suddenly gouging if guns and ammo increase in value? Sellers have something buyers want, and as always, supply and demand will determine the price.

So what makes huge increases in demand like what we are seeing right now? Any major attack, real or perceived, on the right to be armed will cause people to buy the items that are in danger of being banned. This happened in 1994 with the “assault weapons” ban. It happened in 2008 when Obama was elected to office, and it's happening now as the result of his re-election combined with a tragic criminal incident. Will it happen again? Of course it will. Every time an anti-gun president gets elected, and/or a major criminal event happens that can somehow be blamed on a gun, there will be a push to topple the Second Amendment, and a corresponding increase in the price of guns, ammunition, and magazines. Stop and think about that... There is a 100% certainty that there will be future attempts at our freedoms, and a 100% certainty that guns, ammo, and magazines will double, triple, or more in price as a result.

What does this mean for Americans who wish to be prepared? If you knew 100% for sure that a stock would triple in price in the next few years, you'd buy as much as you could afford, right? Well you do, and it's far safer than a stock. When prices return to normal, buy as much .223 or 5.56mm ammunition, PMAGs and AR-15s as you can reasonably afford. There will be another attempt on our freedoms and you will make a fortune. Unlike a stock, these things have intrinsic value and are useful for long term survival, so you really can't go wrong. In addition, your “stock” will improve the overall level of preparedness of the nation as a whole, and help to slightly ease the next buying panic for two reasons. First, you won't be one of the panicked buyers next time, and second, because by selling some of your supplies, you will be filling some of the demand.

Start saving now for when these things are back in stock. Next time around you'll be part of the solution and make some money as well. Keep in mind that a much larger buying panic will someday happen with food and other basic human needs so don't get caught without a fully stocked supply room when prices go up several hundred percent. Fighting millions of people to buy guns that they may or may not need is one thing, but fighting millions of people for your next meal should be avoided at all costs. Prices are low for those things right now, so the time to buy is now.



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