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Tikka T3 vs Remington 700

Shotgun vs. AR-15 for Home Defense

Everyday Preparedness

Make Your Property an Oasis

Our Policy on Law Enforcement Sales

Buying Panics, Price Gouging, and Preparedness

My Menstrual Cup Experience (Warning Guys, TMI!)

Gold vs. Silver for Investing and Barter

StrikeForce Fire Starters from Ultimate Survival Technologies

Black Hills 5.56mm 50 grain TSX Barrier Blind Ammunition

Black Hills 5.56mm 77 grain OTM (Military designation Mk 262 Mod 1)

Water Purification – Boiling vs. Bleach vs. Iodine vs. Calcium Hypochlorite

I'm New to Prepping. Where Should I Start?

Violence in America- What Will People Do When the Economy Collapses?

Disaster preparedness--What are you preparing for?

A Recent Yaking Experience

Black Hills Ammunition – Is it All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Hunting Big Game with an AR-15

How to Light a Fire, at Home, In an Emergency, or for Survival

Aimpoint PRO vs Aimpoint Micro T-1 vs Aimpoint M4s

The Great Fallacy of Rifle Accuracy or How Accurate Does a Rifle Need to Be?

Simple Pump vs. Bison Deep Well Hand Pump

Aimpoint vs. EOTech Red Dot Sights

Are You Thrifty or Just Cheap?

Survival Hunting

Choosing a firearm for long term survival

Edible Wild Plants


Choosing a knife for sustainable living

Top 5 Foraging and Wild Edible Plant Books

So You Own… Yaks?

Sawyer Water Filters

Berkey water filters

Installing the hand well pump

Why a Grain Mill is part of a Sustainable Lifestyle

Why a Chris Reeve Knife is Worth Every Penny

Our Homestead - Lessons Learned

Choosing a Scope for Sustainable Daily Living: Opinions from a Sniper

Chris Reeve Green Beret Knives- How Tough Are They?

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