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Course price depends on the disciplines you want to learn, location, duration, and number of students. Contact us to discuss your group's needs.


Badger peak offers tactical training to individuals and groups, at our location or yours. Our trainers have backgrounds in private security contracting, SWAT (entry), SWAT (sniper), executive protection, numerous military specialties, and more. More importantly, our instructors are specifically trained in imparting those skills to others. We have trained beginners, police departments, and the most elite US warriors, so we won't have any trouble adapting the curriculum to accommodate your group's skill level.


Every other training school teaches the same methods and tactics that our armed forces are using. These methods work well for our troops because they integrate with, and rely on, supply convoys, heavily armored vehicles, air support, artillery, and more. Do you or your group have those things? Are the threats you expect to face the same as our military faces? Then your training shouldn't be the same either, should it?


At Badger Peak, our training is relevant to your equipment and your mission, reflecting the resources and needs of a prepared homesteader or group, and you'll find that the difference is huge.  


We don't believe in "law enforcement only" courses, as that concept is directly opposed to the purpose of the Second Amendment. If we get the feeling that our training will be used for illegitimate purposes, we will cancel the course, but otherwise we offer training in the following disciplines to everyone. 

  • Safety
  • Warrior mindset
  • Marksmanship (Pistol, Carbine, Shotgun, Sniper)
  • Malfunction clearance and tactical reloads for all weapons
  • Proper use of cover and concealment
  • Individual tactics
  • Team tactics (building entry, room clearing, etc.)
  • Small unit tactics
  • Sniper tactics
  • Effective employment of suppressed weapons
  • High explosives for demolition, distraction, sabotage, and breaching (our location only)


Any preparations you make are useless if you can't defend the people you love, and the home that keeps them safe. Get trained!


Customer Reviews
I have received Handgun training from Brian at Badger Peak and can speak for his exceptional knowledge and ability to teach.

From understanding the basics of marksmanship, to grounding your philosophies of self-defense and tactics, Brian understands and instructs in practical methods and mindsets, equipping anyone with what they need to know.

I highly recommend receiving training that fits your needs and interests from Brian at Badger Peak!
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