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Savage Mark II FV-SR

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The Savage Mark II FV-SR  is a .22 caliber rifle with features that are ideal for survival hunting and special tactical applications.


Whether your goal is discrete food gathering or something more James Bond like, nothing beats the low ammo cost and low noise of a good bolt action .22 caliber rifle.  The .22 is already quieter than most guns, and with a silencer (legal in most states), it makes less noise than a BB gun.  The bolt action of the Savage FV-SR is far more reliable than other actions and tends to aid in accuracy.


For the uninitiated, a .22 may seem too weak for hunting or serious tactical work, but .22s have long been used by hunters and elite American forces for exactly the reasons listed above.  Shot placement (aiming for more vital areas of your target) does become more important with smaller calibers.

  • 16.5" bull barrel produces accuracy that rivals $1600 Anschutz rifles (which don't come with any of the features listed below).
  • Threaded barrel for silencer attachment.
  • Picatinny rail for easy scope mounting.
  • "Tactical" bolt knob for faster easier manipulation.
  • Short, handy overall length at 35.25 inches.
  • Synthetic stock is unaffected by the elements.
  • Savage Accu-Trigger for a light, crisp and safe trigger pull
  • 5 round detachable magazine


When you add up the value of the Picatinny scope rail at $40, the threading on the barrel, which runs $65-$100, and the tactical bolt knob (usually $40 or more plus install), you'll see that the already inexpensive Savage Mark II FV-SR is a really great value.



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Customer Reviews
Excellent rifle and excellent service!

I purchased the Savage from Badger Peak and am very pleased with it. The trigger is superb. If you haven't used one of these Savage Accu-Triggers before then you're missing out. Exceptional light pull and smart trigger safety.

I like that the rifle comes pre-threaded, which is a great feature, although this rifle is quiet to begin with. I'd say one of my favorite parts of this gun is the bolt. It doesn't feel like a typical chintzy .22 bolt, it feels substantial!

Great size rifle for youth to adults. A .22 rifle shouldn't be big in my opinion, the whole family should be able to use it.

Overall I recommend having this .22 rifle for its many features and top-notch quality. Buy from Badger Peak for their discerning eye for quality products and great customer service!
Matt Shields
I Purchased this gun from Badger Peak based on the review given by the company. Believe me when I say that they are understating the quality of this rifle. As long as you have a steady hand and a well sighted in scope your shot will be placed exactly where you want it. I dialed in my scope for 50 yards and you could easily cover a grouping of about 10 shots with a quarter. I am not the best shot in the world but with this rifle it makes an amateur shoot like a pro. The bolt action is smooth and easy to manipulate allowing you to easily maintain focus on the scope while cycling in a new round. The trigger pull is the smoothest I have ever felt. Many rifles I have shot had stiff triggers causing inconsistent trigger pulls. Not the case with the Accu-Trigger. the trigger pull is so incredibly smooth there is a hole in the target before you realize you fired a shot. This is a good thing. If every shot is a surprise there will never be a flench. Long story short this is the perfect gun for any purpose. If you are considering buying a 22. rifle look no further. You won't find a better deal. believe me I looked. the closest I found was at cabelas. they wanted $50 to $100 dollars more and it did not come with the picatinny rail, threaded barrel, or the tactical bolt knob. Best gun I have owned and the last 22. I will ever need to buy.
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