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Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

Canning is an essential part of any long term, self-sufficient, sustainable living plan. And while the cans and metal bands are reusable, the traditional metal lids themselves are designed to only be used once safely and then discarded. So your options are to either store years and years worth of metal lids, or use Tattler reusable canning lids!

Tattler reusable canning lids can be used over and over, safely and effectively. Users have reported that they have used the original lids and bands for well over 20 years and Tattler’s own ongoing research has shown that both the lids and rings have stood up to no less than 14 uses and are still going strong!

For long term self-sufficiency we recommend purchasing a minimum of 25% more lids than you have canning jars and a full extra set of rubber rings. While both the lids and the rings have been known to last over 20 uses, the rubber rings are more prone wearing out and we plan on replacing them approximately every 10 uses. You use the same metal rings you use with traditional metal lids.


Tattler Reusable Canning Lids

  • Reusable over and over
  • BPA Free!
  • Can be used in both water bath and pressure canning
  • No food spoilage due to acid corrosion
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