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When you first start learning about sustainable, self sufficient living, it doesn't take long to realize that providing enough food for your family is a daunting task. Then when you consider that there may come a time when family and neighbors are suffering from a food shortage, you have to come to terms with the fact that you simply cannot store and grow enough food for everyone. The good news is, you don't have to!

Thanks to books like "The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide" you can learn how to find, prepare and store the wild plants growing virtually everywhere, even in the dead of winter.

The resources featured below teach you how to realistically live off the land by foraging for wild native plants. The " Wild Food Identification Guide" provides you with specific information and beautiful color photos for identifying edible plants. "The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide" teaches you how to use the various parts of the plant, how to store them through the winter and how to utilize their medicinal value. It even provides recipes for preparing meals using wild foods and nutritional tables to ensure you are eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Did you know you can grind pine needles into flour? And they are full of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and beta carotene!

These books and other materials are not only fascinating, but could possibly be the most important thing you have to prepare your family for self-sufficiency in uncertain times.

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This DVD is an excellent way to reinforce the materials found in Linda's foraging books, especially if you are a audio/visual learner.


Quite possibly the single most valuble resource for surviving off the land.


A perfect pair at a great value!

Was: $40.50
Now: $36.00

We strongly encourage everyone to keep  WILD CARDS® in their bug out bag and camping backpack. Nearly all the plants featured on the cards can be found anywhere in  America.


Specific information and color photos for identifying edible plants.

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