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EcoZoom Rocket Stoves

There’s nothing like a nice hot meal, but when you are trying to reduce your dependence on electricity, you have to think outside the box when it comes to stovetop cooking. EcoZoom stoves provide an affordable, efficient and versatile cooking option unlike anything else. Just a few of the things that make EcoZoom stoves ideal for sustainable living include:

  • Once the fire has been started in the stove, it only takes three, one foot long sticks less than an inch in diameter to bring over a gallon (four liters) of water to a boil! And, you can keep that pot simmering for 45 minutes with just one more stick similar in size.

  • The stoves can burn virtually any type of biomass! Only the Zoom Versa can burn charcoal, but all models can burn wood, weeds, corn cobs, cow pies, pine cones, etc.! No trying to figure out how to store gallons and gallons of fossil fuels.

  • Fifty-four percent more efficient fuel consumption than an open fire, with 60% or more possible depending on conditions.

  • Can be used for everything from canning to brewing homemade beer!

  • Emits 70% less smoke and harmful emissions than an open fire.

The EcoZoom stoves are the perfect summer stove for long term self sufficient living. EcoZoom stoves allow you to cook your favorite stove-top meals without dipping heavily into your precious winter heating materials.

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Just as efficient as the Versa model, it just can't use coal.

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

Durable, amazingly efficient, and can burn anything from wood to corn cobbs to cow pies to coal.

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