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Finding the best scope mount on the market has been one of our longest and most expensive product evaluations to date, and it is finally over! Bobro optic mounts actually do what the other companies claim to do, with quality machining, serious over-engineering, and what can only be described as "intelligent design".

Bobro mounts feature the patented "BLAC" lever system which stands out from competing "return to zero" mounts in that they actually return to zero. This means you can remove your scope for cleaning, firearm repair, to use a different scope, etc. and when you put it back on the gun, it will still be sighted in just like it was never removed. Many companies claim their mounts return to zero, but Bobro mounts keep coming out on top in head to head tests and independent reviews (including our own).

The "BLAC" levers feature a lock that prevents them from opening by accident from rough treatment or from snagging on gear. Bobro scope mounts attach to your weapon's scope rail via dual-spring tension which securely holds the scope to the host firearm without the need for user adjustments even if the weapon's rail is out of spec. Attaching the mount to the weapon takes about two seconds and removing it takes about one. Both operations are easily accomplished with two fingers.

Bobro mounts are the most functional quick release optic mounts on the market, and are our go-to mount for just about everything.

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