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If you require fast target acquisition or need to shoot while moving, there is no better weapon sighting system than the red dot sight. Red dot sights are faster than other sights because you can maintain your focus on the target and simply place the dot on the target where you want the bullet to go.  There are no "sights" to line up, and since the dot and target are in the same focal plane, the target and aiming dot are in focus at the same time.  

Since Aimpoint introduced their first red dot sight over 35 years ago, they have become the recognized world leader of hard use electronic sights.  Of the dozens of red dot sight manufacturers, only two, Aimpoint and EOTech, make sights intended for, and capable of, the rigors and abuse of combat.  Aimpoint sights have a better combat track record for durability than EOTech sights, and have a battery life measured in years as opposed to a couple weeks.  Because of this we have found the Aimpoint sights to be the clear choice for anyone who may actually rely on their weapon to gather food or protect their loved ones.  

All Aimpoint models that we carry:

  • 3-8 year battery life depending on model, which means no more turning on the sight when you pick up your gun.  Just leave it on 24-7 and change the battery every few years.  Your sight will even run for a year on the dead battery from your TV remote!
  • Battle proven durability as the US Army's primary rifle optic.
  • Water resistant to 150 feet.
  • Dot adjusts bright enough to never wash out on any background.
  • 2 MOA aiming dot for precise shooting and use with 3X Magnifier.
  • Night vision compatible adjustment settings.
  • Unlimited field of view and improved situational awareness as sighting and shooting are accomplished with both eyes open.
  • Unlimited eye relief (mount the optic as close to or far from your eye as you like).

Simplify your aiming and increase your speed.  

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The best dollar for dollar value in a red dot sight.


For most applications, the best red dot sight on the market.

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Bank vault solid. Longest battery life. Fastest aiming.

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Improves accuracy and target identification.

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