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Hi, I'm Brian Wood.  My wife MacKenzie and I started Badger Peak Corporation for one reason:  We want to help you become more self sufficient.

In our quest for a more sustainable, self sufficient, and low cost lifestyle, we encountered countless gimmick products, dozens of doomsday websites plastered with radiation symbols, and volumes of dubious information.  All of that stops here today with Badger Peak.

We constantly evaluate and compare products, methods, and information to bring you the very best available today.  Every product on our site can be found in our own home.  We haven't just evaluated it, we use it every day, and in most cases, we have been using it for years.  You can read more about our personal homestead here.

We all have different budgets and different financial priorities, so you'll find we usually carry a couple options for each product type:  The very best product, and a very solid option that is more affordable.  If you can afford the very best, do.  You won't regret it.  If not, that's okay.  Every product on our site is a proven performer.

We love to hear from our customers, so if you have questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Toll Free: 1-800-556-9605

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