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500rd case Black Hills 5.56mm 77gr OTM (MK262 Mod 1)

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This is the coveted MK262 Mod 1 sniper ammunition that our troops use in their SPR and Recce precision rifles, and it's finally available to the commercial market. Loaded to true 5.56mm NATO pressures, this military round fires a 77 grain Sierra MatchKing (SMK) specially designed for the military with a modified cannelure.

  • Combat proven military sniper accuracy.
  • True 5.56mm load for approx. 200 fps velocity gain over .223 loads.
  • Crimped and sealed primers increase reliability and water resistance.
  • Modified cannelure bullet for improved reliability and terminal performance (damage to target). 
  • Improved terminal performance from short barreled rifles.


Is Black Hills Ammunition all it's cracked up to be?

What makes Mk 262 Mod 1 ammunition different?


This is a full pressure 5.56mm NATO round. This is NOT a .223 Remington round, and is NOT safe to shoot from firearms with a .223 Remington chamber. Many lesser quality AR-15s are marked "5.56" but actually have .223 chamber specs. If you aren't 100% sure you have a 5.56mm chamber, stick to .223 ammunition.

Customer Reviews
I've used this Black Hills 77 grain MK262 ammo for years. I get consistent hits at 600 yards with my 16" noveske AR-15, and this ammunition has been 100% reliable in all my AR-15s. I have shot countless animals with the MK 262 Mod 1 ammunition, and the results are very impressive. I have friends overseas who report similar performance in combat. Thanks Badger Peak! You have the best price on this ammunition, and it's actually IN STOCK!
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